Pigeon and Bird Exclusion Services

Property owners and business people around the world share a similar problem termed as the 'pest birds and pigeons'. Many face expensive clean up and repair bills to remove bird droppings that have eaten into surfaces and permanently marred them. Others contend with damaged rooftop equipment such as AC units, ventilators, rain gutters and skylights that have been clogged or damaged by the nesting materials.

Property owners tend to clean, repair or replace parts of their vessel damaged by hardened bird droppings. Restaurant owners and others who deal with food face fines and shutdowns as health inspectors note evidence of bird droppings in or around their property. Growers and gardeners face huge losses after flocks of birds have destroyed their crops.

This can be a great cause of worry to homeowners and business owners. In case you are suffering such problem, we are here to eliminate all your concerns. Blackburn Pest Control offers reliable pigeons and bird exclusion in Southern Nevada.

There are many techniques for excluding pigeons from an infested structure. We implement exclusion and baiting strategies such as structural modification, bird netting, plastic and metal spikes, monofilament and steel lines, and trapping for bird exclusion.

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Have you ever washed your car and then minutes later find bird droppings on it? This is a very common occurrence in Nevada. These bird droppings are not only annoying but they can be threatening to your building surfaces and health. If your property is suffering from a pigeon infestation, Blackburn Pest Control offers the best and reliable pigeon exclusion services. Give us a call today for a free consultation!