Bees and Wasps

There are a few things that can ruin an outdoor activity such as an annoying bee or wasp. This is particularly true if you have an allergy to bee and wasp stings. For those with allergies, a bee sting can be more than painful, it can be actually deadly.

There is nothing worse than having your weekend pool party or BBQ ruined by unwanted stinging guests. It is always a smart idea to regularly check your property for hives and nests. If you suspect that bees or wasps have taken residence around, please call Blackburn Pest Control for effective bee and wasp hive removal.

Africanized and European bees will swarm when the queen is looking for a new home. Bees congregate in a clump, resembling a ball shape as we have illustrated here. If they’re agitated, they can also become aggressive. Tackling the removal of a bee or wasp hive or nest is not something the average person should attempt on their own. It takes special skills to know how to get rid of stinging pests, because when a hive is threatened bees and wasps can attack in swarms, giving the victim multiple stings. We have the special skills and equipment for successful bee and wasp removal and prevention. Dealing with stinging insects is one of our specialties. If you see a swarm of bees that have been around for more than 24 hours or is causing a safety issue, call us and we'll provide the professionals to eradicate them.

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